Flight Map Poster - FRAME IS INCLUDED フレーム付ポスター

Flight Map Poster - FRAME IS INCLUDED フレーム付ポスター

主要空港とルートで構成されたこのマップを見れば、都市間でどれくらいの時間のフライトで行き来できるかが直感的にわかります。 また必要最低限の情報量で構成されたデザインで、実用的なインテリアとしても活躍できます。


Inspired by our popular Tokyo Rail Map that went on sale in 2020, this poster is a great option for those at home who spend their days daydreaming about travelling. The idea for this poster came from the airplane routes at the back of in-flight magazines, which as a designer I always loved to look at.
The flight map was designed with the idea that showing all airlines together would allow for more concrete imaginings. The poster shows major airports and airline routes. At a glance, one can develop an intuitive feel for how long it takes to fly between cities. The poster's informative, yet minimalist design makes it a piece of interior design that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.
*Please note that the flight time and routes on the map are not 100% accurate. They have been modified as part of the final design. Please contact the airline for detailed flight information before booking a flight.



Product image for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.


*受注後のフレーム準備/発送のため、商品発送までは商品ご購入より10-20営業日ほどお時間を頂いております。Due to the frame preparation / shipping after receiving the order, it takes about 10-20 business days from the purchase of the product to ship the product.




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  • 商品発送納期|Estimated time of delivery and shipping fee



    Due to the frame preparation / shipping after receiving the order, it takes about 10-20 business days from the purchase of the product to ship the product.

    International delivery and shipping:

    PLEASE NOTE, due to COVID-19 significant delays are expected on all online orders, Delivery to some countries, including the United States and Australia, could take a few months.If you have any queries please message us.


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  • 配送方法|Wrapping method


    The poster will be rolled up and shipped to the receiver.

  • 返品について|Returns


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  • 製品詳細 | Specifications

    Poster size: 420x594mm (A2)
    Materials: S Kinbishi  (FSC)  
    Printed by Sun M Color Ltd.
    Made in Japan

    Frame: 424x598mm
    Materials: Aluminium / PVC / pet material
    Frame width:: 6mm
    Ready‐made goods(既製品)

消費税抜き |
Frame colour