Japan’s Four Seasons - 2021 calendar

Japan’s Four Seasons - 2021 calendar

A calendar that feels Japan's seasons.

Spring, summer, fall, and winter in Japan change organically, without ever presenting the same appearance. This calendar captures such moments and expresses them with graphics inspired by traditional patterns. The amount of information such as dates is kept to a minimum so that it can become part of the interior by decorating the room. It is a calendar where you can feel a change of season with each month every time you turn over its pages.




¥4,130 / 38 USD / 42 EURO + Tax, shipping fee

Size: 420 x 297 mm (A3) 

Materials: Vent Nouveau Smooth-FS, snow white 

​13 sheets 273.5g


Printed by U-media Co., Ltd. 

Made in JAPAN



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    PLEASE NOTE, due to COVID-19 huge delays are expected on all online orders, some countries take for few months for arrival such as the United States, Australia, etc.  If you have any queries please message me.


    Japan: 2-5 days / 700yen〜  by Japan Post

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    Europe: 10-20 days / 20-25euro〜  by Japan Post 

¥4,130 通常価格